Water going into drain in bath

What to do if your bath is taking longer to drain

Is your bath taking longer to drain? You might have noticed the water is staying in your bath for much longer than usual after you have pulled the plug. This is a fairly common problem for households but you should take quick action to prevent major damage to your drainage system. In this blog, we will explain why your bathtub is draining slower than usual and give you some top tips to prevent getting a clogged bathtub.


Why is your bath taking longer to drain?

All the toilets, sinks, baths and showers in your home empty into the same drainage system. Day in and day out, drains do a lot of work for us but sometimes a build-up of debris can cause clogged drains. Your clogged bath or shower drain is most likely caused by a build-up of soap, shampoos and hair. The build-up can develop slowly over a period of time and may not be identified until the issue has become serious.


Once you spot the signs of a clogged bathtub (slow-draining water or unpleasant odours) you should take immediate action. As more soap and hair enter the drainage system, the clog will continue to grow. You may then have a serious issue on your hands. The sooner you deal with the problem, the easier it will be to resolve.


How can you prevent a clogged bathtub?

There are several steps that you can take to prevent drain clogs. Firstly, remove and clean your plugs. Pop-up plugs, in particular, can trap debris so be sure to give them a good clean. Secondly, use a drain protector to collect debris while draining water efficiently. Finally, you should clean your drains and sink overflow to remove any small blockages. We would recommend using baking powder and boiling water or white vinegar to give your drains the best clean!


When should you call a drainage engineer?

While home remedies and chemicals can also help to unclog your drains, you may wish to call out for an engineer to completely resolve the drainage issues. Our friendly engineers can relieve these problems by manual rodding or using high pressured water to blast the blockage. A clogged bathtub can be stressful and difficult to combat. Maintain Drains can take the stress away and fix your drainage issues quickly and cost-effectively. We operate a 24-hour call-out service so we are always on hand.

Our dedicated team of engineers can help to solve any problems you may have with your domestic drains. If you are worried about your drainage get in touch with Maintain Drains for your free quote today. 

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