Damp proofing your drainage systems

Severe damp in corner of room

Damp can be a major issue for many homes causing structural damage and health problems due to mould. Here are some ways to damp proof your drainage system and avoid damp creeping up the walls and floors.

Clearing the roof and gutters

Damp can be caused by a moss build up in the gutters and on the roof tiles. Moss retains a lot of water and expands in freezing cold weather. This causes damage to the tiles and guttering. Using a pair of gloves and an old brush firmly scrub the moss out of the tiles and guttering. After the majority of the moss has been removed use a power washer to wash the remnants off. At Maintain Drains we have drain jetting services with industrial level jet washers for the toughest blocked gutters.

Checking the bathroom and sinks

Damp can also be caused from within the home. It is recommended to regularly check bathroom sinks, toilets, and baths for leaks. Ensure the seals around baths are effective and renewed if damaged or old. To renew the seal you will need a general sealant and gloves. Simply apply sealant along the edge of the bath or sink. Ensure the sealant can handle the stress and has enough sealant to protect the walls. You can do this by simply filling the bath or sink for 24 hours to apply stress to the sealant. If any leakage occurs during this time apply a second coat and repeat to damp proof your bathroom and kitchen.

If you are worried that there may be any underlying issues with this problem try our planned maintenance service.

Fixing the pipework and underground drainage system

Leaking or damaged underground drainage pipes are another drainage issue that causes damp. This can be signalled by cracks, damp and bad odours from within the home. Unfortunately, if this happens your drainage pipes they would normally need replacing. Luckily at Maintain Drains, we can damp proof your home through our drain relining services at the fraction of the cost of a complete drain replacement. The repair work also only takes a few hours.

Think you have an unknown damp problem?

Drainage issues are a major cause of damp in homes across the UK. If you want to damp proof your drainage, feel free to browse our drainage services or call us with your problems and we can provide a free, no obligation quote. Call: 01202 300040.


How much does it cost to install damp proofing drainage systems?

The cost to install damp proofing drainage systems can vary widely depending on the size and complexity of the project. On average, homeowners can expect to pay between £500 and £3,000 for a typical damp proofing installation.

Where can I find reliable damp proofing drainage systems near me?

Finding a reliable damp proofing drainage system provider near you is essential for effective moisture control. At Maintain Drains, we offer professional damp proofing services across the UK.

Can you explain what damp proofing is and why it’s important?

Damp proofing is the process of preventing moisture from penetrating the walls and floors of a building. This is crucial to protect the structure from water damage, mould growth, and other related issues. Damp proofing typically involves the installation of barriers or coatings that repel water, as well as drainage systems to manage excess moisture.

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