When Is Drain Excavation Needed

Digger excavating drain pipes

Most of the drainage issues we deal with at Maintain Drains are minor problems which can be fixed with limited disruption. You can attempt to sort certain drainage problems yourself using our handy drainage blog. However, there are cases where drain excavation is the only solution. Drain excavation involves digging underground in order to reach the problem drain. Excavation is reserved for serious drain issues, as it can be disruptive to the surroundings. However, excavation can be the only way of repairing a drain.

When Is Drain Excavation Needed

Drain Excavation is used only as a last resort to solve your problems. Only major drain issues will require excavation to repair the issue. Our goal is to repair your drain quickly, and effectively, and aim for the minimum amount of disruption. The Maintain Drains team will find the best solution to your problems at a cost-effective price. We will only suggest an excavation if the problem is serious.

Excavation is necessary for a few circumstances. If a drain is collapsed and cannot be relined, excavation may be the only way to sort this. It will give our engineers a clear path to the source of the problem and it can be fixed quickly. Root Ingress in drains is also an issue which can lead to excavation. The roots are attracted to the moisture of the drains and can crack or dislodge the pipes, leading to an excavation being required. This is why it is advised to sort the issue before the crack pipes. Maintain Drains offer a quick, effective and cost-efficient root removal service. Earth subsidence is an unfortunate scenario which causes your pipes to disconnect which is difficult to sort without digging underground

Do You Need a Drain Excavation?

A serious drainage problem needs to be sorted as soon as possible to avoid any further costly damage. Our highly qualified and professional team are available 24 hours a day to get your drains running. To discuss your issue and find out more about whether you need a drain excavation, contact us and we can provide a free, competitive quote. Call: 01202 300040

You can find out more about the process on our excavation service page


How much does drain excavation typically cost?

Drain excavation costs can vary depending on various factors, including the extent of the excavation, the depth and accessibility of the drain, and the location of the property. Maintain Drains provides professional drain excavation services tailored to your specific needs.

What does a drain excavation job entail?

A drain excavation job involves digging and excavating the ground to access and repair underground drain pipes. Maintain Drains specialises in professional drain excavation services to address drainage issues effectively.

How can I find drain excavation services near me?

If you’re in need of drain excavation services, it’s essential to find a reputable provider near you. Maintain Drains offers professional drain excavation services in Bournemouth.

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