How drainage maps can help to secure planning permissions

Illustration of a domestic drain map

A drain mapping survey can help you identify the structure of a building’s drainage, including the layout of internal and external drains. Drainage maps can be hugely beneficial to people who are looking to undertake building work on their homes and can help to speed along the planning process. 

What is a drainage map?

A drain map gives the homeowner a summary of the internal and external drainage in a property and accurately displays how water will be drained from the home. At Maintain Drains, we use advanced technology for drainage mapping and this allows us to provide exact information about the location of drains and to measure the direction and flow of waste water to give you a full picture of your drainage system. 

Why should you have your drains mapped?

The survey can help you visualise your entire drainage network and providing planning permission with a full picture can help to speed up the process of gaining permission. The drain map will also help construction workers to identify the exact location of your underground drain pipes. Without a survey, building work can be very disruptive and potentially damaging. Contact Maintain Drains to prevent any additional issues or expenses to your building project. 

Drain mapping is vital for any renovations that may involve digging up gardens, changes to the layout of your kitchen or bathroom and any increases to the size of your roof. Builders and architects can use drain maps when planning to extensions, patios or driveways to ensure no damage to your underground drains. If you are planning to increase the size of your roof, the drain map can help planners to understand whether new gutters or rainwater pipes will be necessary. Adhering to this can help the homeowner to secure planning permissions and avoid any complications to the process. 

Who can carry out your drain mapping?

Maintain Drains are your local experts in drain protection and surveys. Contact our experienced team for your free quote. Due to the essential need for drain mapping services, Maintain Drains are committed to offering a 24 hour, comprehensive service. We are based in Poole, Dorset, and offer drain services across the South Coast. 


What is drain mapping, and why is it important?

Drain mapping is the process of creating a detailed plan or map of the drainage system within a property. This map typically includes the location, size, and layout of drain pipes, sewer lines, manholes, and other drainage infrastructure. Drain mapping is important for several reasons. It provides valuable information about the layout and condition of the drainage system, which can be useful for maintenance, repairs, and future construction projects. Drain mapping also helps identify potential issues such as blockages, leaks, or inadequate drainage capacity.

What is included in a drain map?

A drain map typically includes several key components to provide an overview of the drainage system within a property. These components may include the location and layout of drain pipes, sewer lines, manholes, inspection chambers, and other drainage infrastructure. Additionally, the drain map may indicate the size, material, and depth of the pipes, as well as any relevant features such as drainage gradients or flow direction.

How is drain mapping conducted?

Drain mapping is typically conducted using a combination of techniques and tools to accurately document the layout and condition of the drainage system within a property. These techniques may include visual inspections, measurements, surveys, and the use of specialized equipment such as CCTV drain cameras.

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