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Here’s how to fix a blocked toilet

A blocked toilet is a common occurrence that can be a nightmare for any house especially if it’s following a takeaway. Here’s our expert advice to get your toilet flowing in no time.


Step one: Prepare your equipment


You’ll need a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from the bacteria and other waterborne diseases. It is recommended to use some old newspaper around the toilet to soak up any water that spills to keep the bathroom slip free.
If you haven’t already open a window to keep the bathroom well ventilated.


Step two: The soap and hot water method


Using standard soap or washing up liquid squirt some into the toilet bowl along with around a litre of hot water. The hot water and the soap work together to soften the blockage. This should work to fix a blocked toilet with a smaller blockage. But if the blockage still occurs try our next step to help you fix a blocked toilet.


Step three: The plunger method


Using a standard toilet plunger create a seal along the toilet bowl. Before using the plunger in the toilet run it under hot water to soften the rubber. This will allow the plunger to make a tighter seal. Thrust the plunger firmly in the toilet. Though make sure not to do this too rigorously, as this may move the blockage deeper down the toilet drain. If a standard plunger is not effective you can use a plunger that uses water rather than air. Simply shoot a high-pressure jet of water to remove the blockage.

At maintain drains we provide commercial water jets to clear any blockage.


Step four: The plumbing snake method


If it’s a stubborn blockage that is lodged deep down in the drain try using a plumbing snake. To use this insert the plumbing snake into the toilet bowl pushing firmly down on the snake so that the end feeds through the pipe. Then twist and pull the snake to break up the obstruction allowing the water to flow down.

If none of these options work we recommend calling an expert plumber to fix a blocked toilet caused by a stubborn blockage. We provide domestic toilet unblocking services for all your plumbing needs.

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