How Important is a CCTV Drainage Survey

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There are many reasons for having drainage systems investigated using a CCTV Drainage Survey such as buying a new home, investigating why a system regularly blocks, water ingress to cellar or sub-floor areas, subsidence investigations, rat and rodent infestation or you may simply need to know where a system runs before you build your new extension. Answering ‘how important is a CCTV drainage survey’ depends on your situation.

Some of the methods used are basic and have been undertaken for hundreds of years, such as water and air pressure testing to determine if there are any leaks within the drainage system. However, once an issue has been determined a CCTV Drainage Survey allows you view the inside of the pipework for a detailed inspection.

As drains are below the ground, it is almost impossible to identify what the issue could be straight away. The most well-known issues connected with the drainage system include the general buildup of normal waste, tree roots, or a breakage in the drain, and these can happen at any point throughout your drainage system, not necessarily close to an area of instant access – and this is where the CCTV equipment comes in very handy.

The equipment can guide an engineer through the drain structure which can rapidly and effortlessly recognise the issue or blockage in your drain. This will then enable the engineer to tackle the issue with minimal disruption and most importantly swiftly.

Why get a CCTV Drainage Survey

A CCTV Survey can help you secure a rapid and effective result, and by mapping the sewer lines, you will track where an issue lies and not only uncover the cause of your problem, but also identify any possible issues that could arise in the near future.

It may be important to understand whether or not the area where the issue is identified, is actually the responsibility of yourself as the homeowner. The recording which your engineer will supply you with will literally show exactly where the damage or blockage lies, so you have concrete evidence as to whether or not the blocked drain is your responsibility or not.

As well as having a CCTV survey carried out to identify an issue in your drains, it can also be used for preventative purposes use or even to provide evidence that the drainage system is in a good state before the transaction of a house goes through.

A CCTV drain report is not a mandatory part of a homebuyers report, so you could buy a house not knowing that the drains are in a poor state, so be sure to have the drain survey carried out on top of the home buyers report, so you can either negotiate the cost of the potential repairs needed off the cost of the house, or order the current homeowner to have the repairs carried out before you buy the home.

From as little as £80, an inspection of your drainage could bring peace of mind and most importantly save you thousands of pounds when purchasing a new property.

Call us now to discuss a CCTV survey and speak to one of our friendly experts. Not only do we offer quality CCTV surveys, we also offer a wider range of 24 Hour Emergency Drainage services such as Drain unblocking, pitch fibre repairs and much more.


How important is a CCTV drainage survey for my property?

A CCTV drainage survey is crucial for accurately diagnosing issues within your drainage system. This non-invasive method provides a clear, real-time view of the condition of your drains, allowing for precise and effective repairs.

What is a CCTV drainage survey and how does it work?

A CCTV drainage survey involves inserting a high-resolution camera into your drainage system to visually inspect the condition of the pipes. The camera transmits real-time video footage to a monitor, allowing technicians to identify blockages, damage, or structural issues within the drains.

When should I consider getting a CCTV drain inspection?

Consider getting a CCTV drain inspection if you experience recurring blockages, slow drainage, unpleasant odours, or suspect damage to your drainage system. It’s also highly recommended before purchasing a new property to ensure the drainage system is in good condition.

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