How To Unblock An Outside Drain

Outside drain on road next to pavement

We hand out plenty of tips on how to keep your drains healthy inside the home. We have offered tips on unblocking sinks, unblocking toilets and much more. However, we have not discussed how to unblock an outside drain. It’s easy to overlook your outside drains and you don’t usually notice them. However, it is vital that they are kept in the same great condition as your internal drains. Here are our top tips on how to unblock an outside drain.

Finding The Source of a Problem – Why is my drain blocked?

You might find that your drainage is slowing, there is an unpleasant smell, or you have spotted other signs your drains may be blocked. These are all caused by blockages to your outside drains. The first thing you should do when you find your outside drains blocked is to assess the problem and see what is causing it. You should lift the drain cover to give you the best idea of what the problem is. You might find that you need a screwdriver to do this. There will be a few of these covers around your home where the blockages could be.

When looking in the drain, there should be flowing water and no visible signs of blockage. A blockage can be identified if the water in the drain is blocked and not flowing. Outside drains are often blocked up with leaves and other types of debris and dirt.

How To Unblock An Outside Drain Yourself

There are a couple of methods you can use to unblock outside drains yourself. Here are our suggestions:

Drain Rodding

Drain Rods are used by many plumbing professionals to unblock drains. You can buy drain rods online or in any good hardware shop. Here is a cheap set of drain rods. They are used to disrupt and dislodge debris that is causing the blockage. Twist the drain rods around in a clockwise motion to break up the blockage. It may be a particular bad blockage so persevere and your drain should be back to normal. It’s not a glamorous job, but someone has to do it. Safety is the primary concern here, so make sure you are wearing protective clothing. This method should disrupt the blockage. If not, Maintain Drains offer an expert drain rodding service.

Caustic Soda

Another method you can use to unblock an outside drain is using sodium hydroxide (caustic soda). Drop some of it in your drain along with some water. This will cause the debris causing the blockage to rise to the surface where you can fish it out. Note that there can be dangers when using chemical drain cleaners. Have a look at our blog here.

How To Prevent Blockages To Your Outside Drains

Maintaining your outside drains is an important process to ensure that your whole drainage system is working properly. Firstly, do not throw grease down your drains as this causes blockages and fatbergs. You can cover the opening of your drain with a screen to make sure debris does not enter the drains. Cleaning your drains regularly with bleach will help your drains continuously run smoothly.

Too Hard? Let Us Do It Instead!

If you are finding drain unblocking difficult or the blockage needs professional attention, it is best to call the experts. Call us now to discuss outside drain unblocking and speak to one of our friendly experts. We have plenty of drainage services which can sort your problem such as drain jetting, drain rodding and drain unblocking.


What is the best drain unblocker for outside drains?

Look for products that are designed to dissolve common outdoor blockages such as leaves, debris, and sediment buildup. Additionally, consider environmentally friendly options that won’t harm surrounding vegetation or wildlife. If you’re unsure which product to use, contact Maintain Drains for expert advice on the best drain unblocker for your outdoor drains.

What should I do if I have a blocked drain outside?

Dealing with a blocked drain outside can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to address the issue effectively. Start by attempting to clear the blockage using a drain rod or pressure washer to dislodge debris and sediment buildup. If DIY methods are unsuccessful, contact Maintain Drains for professional assistance.

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