Most frequently asked drainage questions

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There have been hundreds of questions that have been asked by our customers concerning their drainage. From guttering to blocked toilets here are our answers to the most frequently asked drainage questions that we’ve had.

What if the plumbers don’t know what’s causing my drainage issue?

Unfortunately, most of your drains are not visible. That means it is hard for a plumber to find out the problem if the issue isn’t obvious. A CCTV survey allows our drainage experts to take a closer look at your underground drain pipes. At Maintain Drains we provide a fully comprehensive CCTV drainage survey to see even the most obscure drainage problems.

How do I know if my drains are blocked?

Usually, there will be some quite noticeable symptoms. Common symptoms would be your sinks not draining and your toilets overflowing. There also might be some less noticeable symptoms. For example, a sewage smell around your drains. This would have a horrible odour of sulfur. Another less noticeable symptom would be gurgling sounds coming from your drains caused by trapped air. If in doubt call a professional. At Maintain Drains we provide planned maintenance service to make sure your drains are in working order.

What should I do if my drains are blocked?

If you believe your drains are blocked and you are the owner of the property then you are liable to clear the blockage. Though if you are renting a property via a landlord then you should go through them first as they will usually be liable to for the cost if the issue is not caused by you. If you are unable to clear the blockage yourself then it is recommended you call a specialist drainage expert. Our blocked drain service at Maintain Drains will ensure your drains are working in no time.

Why is my bath or shower draining slowly?

There might be a blockage in your bath or shower. This is usually made up of hair or skin deposits that are partially blocking the pipes. We have detailed a few ways on our blog on how to fix your blocked sink. Using drain cleaner is an effective way to keep your bath and shower draining properly. Make sure to take care when using drain cleaner as it can cause damage to the underlying pipes. Consider using enzyme drainage cleaner to minimize damage to the pipes.

Why is my toilet overflowing?

A toilet overflowing can be caused by any number of issues, there may be a defect in the tank causing the toilet to continuously leak water or there may be a blockage in your drainage system. However, the most likely issue would be a blockage in the toilet itself. This can be easily fixed at home with a plunger.Check out our blog post on fixing your blocked toilet. If after these steps the problem has not been resolved why not give us a call at 01202 300040.

What happens if I suspect roots might be entering a drainage pipe?

Tree roots can cause a lot of damage to the drainage pipes and can block the flow of sewage from your house. This results in overflowing drains and even burst pipes. The older clay pipes are much more susceptible to damage from tree roots and may need to be replaced by PVC pipes. If you suspect tree roots might be causing your drainage problem you should call our professionals. At Maintain Drains we specialise in root removal, tackling even the toughest of roots.

How do I prevent my drains getting blocked?

There are some simple ways to prevent your drains getting blocked. Taking simple steps like installing a plug hole strainer on your sinks and shower, scraping off plates and pans before washing them in the sink. Aswell as not pouring oil down the drain instead pour it into a leftover bottle or jar and throw it away in the trash otherwise the oil and grease can congeal and block the drains. We provide a planned maintenance service to Maintain Drains to take precautions to avoid a major drainage issue.

Why has my water bill gone up?

A steep rise in a water bill if not caused by your water company is usually a sign of leakage in your drainage system. A leaking tap, shower or toilet would be your first call to action. Also, make sure to check the water in the toilet tank to see if the water level is dropping.  If after checking these you have still determined that you have a leak the problem may be outside any signs of puddles or damp ground could signal a leakage in a PVC pipe. For this, it is recommended to call a professional at Maintain Drains we provide solutions to any of your domestic drainage issues.

Do I need to maintain my septic tank?

A septic tank can last many years without being maintained. However, it will need to be periodically cleared of septage. This is done every few years. However, it is extremely dangerous to do this by yourself. Instead, it is recommended that a professional perform this procedure. At Maintain Drains we provide septic tank maintenance ensuring that the septic tank works properly and none of the pipes are blocked.

Why is there waste coming up from my drains?

It can be a horrifying experience seeing waste emerge from the sink. Usually, this is caused by a blocked grease trap situated in most kitchen areas. This is not only a health and safety issue but also can lead to fines. At Maintain Drains we provide grease trap maintenance to keep it working effectively. However, taking proper care of the grease trap by not putting excessive amounts of food waste or non-food items can extend the life of the trap.

Have any of your drainage questions not been answered?

If you feel that any of your drainage questions have not been answered feel free to browse our drainage services or call us with your problems and we can provide a free, no-obligation quote.

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