Why get a CCTV Drainage Survey?

CCTV Drain Survey

Sometimes the cause of a drainage problem isn’t always obvious and CCTV drainage surveys are a cost-effective method of identifying the issue before it becomes more serious, such as collapsed pipes and root ingress. There may be other issues such as blockages or pitch fibre pipes. A CCTV Drain Inspection could be the perfect solution for you! If you’re looking for a drain inspection in Poole or Bournemouth, request a booking to see how we can help you.

Following CCTV drainage surveys of your drains, we provide a full written report of what we’ve found, listing problems and their location or simply giving you a clean bill of health. All our CCTV drainage surveys reports include photos of damage, video footage and a plan showing the location of the drains. CCTV drain surveys are one of the most cost-effective methods to identify drainage problems


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What a CCTV Drain Inspection can reveal about your drains

Whatever your drainage problems, Maintain Drains has the solution. We’ve invested heavily in technology and training to make sure we can tackle your drainage emergency quickly, cleanly and safely. 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.


Damaged Pipes

A CCTV drainage survey can reveal blocked, collapsed, corroded, or torn pipes. Without attention you drain will leak their contents into the soil, which could result in property damage, raising the costs in repair.


Root Ingress

Roots seek out moisture, and can sneak into the small into the smallest of faults in drains, opening them into larger cracks for other material to enter. Once the tree roots have entered the drain, waste material will get caught in them, making blockages far more likely and frequent.


Rats in Drains

Rats in drains are commonly caused by damaged and cracked pipes or pipes that have been left open during property renovation works. Once the rats find entry into your drains, they have entry in your home. This could be why you’re finding rats in loft and walls. It is important to repair your drains as soon as you notice any signs of rats in drains.

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Frequently Asked
CCTV Drain Survey Questions

What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

CCTV drain surveys allow for an in depth inspection of a drainage system. Using high tech cameras, CCTV surveys are able to identify any issues, blockages or maintenance that your drain may require.

How do we conduct CCTV Drain Surveys?

Maintain Drains use high-quality CCTV cameras to help create a clear image of your drains and inspect any issues that may be occurring. Our vans come equipped with high-tech equipment ready to deal with all drainage problems, from a small leak to a large blockage.

We are also able to advise you how to best deal with any issues, and may be able to help resolve them on the day, or come back at a time suited for you. If you would like an inspection on your drains, ask us about our CCTV drainage surveys.

Do I need a CCTV Drain survey when buying a new home?

Are you buying a new home? We offer pre-purchase CCTV drainage surveys that thoroughly check the condition of the drains in your potential new home. If you discover a problem after buying a new house, it can result in huge charges that you may not have accounted for.

For example, you may find your new home has pitch fibre pipes, root ingress or rats in drains. It’s a cost-effective method to get your drains checked and can often save the hassle further down the line.


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