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Pitch Fibre Pipe Repair

Pitch Fibre is cheap and lightweight, made from cellulose and coal tar and has caused many problems over the years. We offer Pitch Fibre pipe repairs to deal with deformed pipes, major drain blockages and collapsed pipes. Another problem caused by the pipes is the fact that they can attract tree roots, which our root removal service can amend.

It’s best to fix the pipes before they fall which will lead to more difficult excavation and drain repair services. Maintain Drains use the finest technology for our Pitch Fibre Repairs, which cause the least amount of disruption to your property.


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Pitch Fibre Pipe Repair

Whatever your drainage problems, Maintain Drains has the solution. We’ve invested heavily in technology and training to make sure we can tackle your drainage emergency quickly, cleanly and safely. 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.


Problems with Pitch Fibre Pipes

Pitch fibre pipes were installed as drainage pipes in properties through the 1950’s until the 1970’s. If your home was built as this time, you may be affected by the insufficiency of this piping.


Pitch Fibre Pipe Checks

We provide a comprehensive drain survey of your piping using inspection technology, with a report on the findings. Our team of professionals are able to discuss with you the best options to take when considering pitch fibre repairs.


Pitch Fibre Pipe Repairs & Fixes

At Maintain Drains, we promise to repair any faults with your drains. We can restore and re-round any damaged pipe, with no disruption to you or your property. It’s best to fix the pipes before they fall, which will lead to an expensive and disruptive excavation and renewal.

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Our Pitch Fibre Pipe Repair Process

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Maintain Drains will carry out the work required to Pitch Fibre Pipe to an exceptional standard.

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Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Why repair your pitch fibre pipes & drains?

Repairing your Pitch Fibre pipes can save you a fortune, compared to using excavation methods. Excavation can be costly and damaging to your property, as the ground would have to be disturbed. Not only is pitch fibre repairing cheaper and less damaging to your property, it is also more eco-friendly, as the pipes would have to be taken to a specialist landfill site due to their asbestos content.

What are pitch fibre pipes or drains?

Previously it was common practice to build drainage systems out of pitch fibre. This material is made from cellulose and coal tar. It has caused several issues over the years.

The most common pitch fibre pipe damage includes deformed pipes, major drain blockages and collapsed pipes. We can handle all of these issues and more.

Maintain Drains are on hand to offer pitch fibre repair work to any damaged pipes on your residential or commercial property. We can help get your drainage system back up and running.

Do I need to repair or replace my pitch fibre pipes?

It used to be common practice to use pitch fibre to build drainage systems. The material was cheap and lightweight, making it very easy to work with. Unfortunately, years went by before professional plumbers started to see the problems that this material could cause.

As this material isn’t long lasting, a pitch fibre drainage system is susceptible to damage over time. If you notice issues with your drains, you may need pitch fibre repair. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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