Top Hat Sewer Lateral Repair

Top Hat Sewer Lateral Repair

Always embracing and investing in new technologies the team here at Maintain Drains has recently undertaken what is known as a lateral or ‘top hat’ repair to a drainage run.

In order to have a complete no-dig solution for the repair of drains and sewers techniques have been developed for the relining of the junctions where two pipes meet underground.

‘Top hat’ or ‘Junction liners’ are used more commonly on larger sewer systems however these techniques can also be used on pipes sizes down to 100mm diameter and are therefore suitable for domestic pipe work.

For the most we would tend to excavate domestic junctions or reline up to them from three directions but if you have a scenario where you absolutely do not want an excavation and you need the junction relining due to fractures, ground water or tree root ingress there are a few companies out there with the equipment and know how to assist.

Please take a look at our Facebook page, Maintain Drains, to see a recent example of this type of installation.


drain lining for drainage junctions


What are the common signs that indicate I need sewer repair?

Common signs that indicate you may need sewer repair include slow draining sinks and toilets, unpleasant odours coming from your drains, frequent blockages, and unusual sounds such as gurgling coming from the pipes.

Can I get 24-hour sewer repair services?

Yes, Maintain Drains provides 24-hour sewer repair services to address emergency situations promptly. Sewer problems can occur at any time and require immediate attention to prevent extensive damage and health hazards.

What is the average cost of sewer repair?

The average cost of sewer repair can vary widely depending on the extent of the damage, the repair method used, and the location of the problem. On average, homeowners can expect to pay between £700 and £4,000 for sewer repairs.

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