Why Are There Rats in my Drains?

Large rodent near drains

Are You Asking, “Why Are There Rats in My Drains?”

There are an estimated 12 million rats in the UK. Many of these 12 million rats inhabit cities and towns, and may well be in your drainage system. Rats are very damaging to drains and can easily enter your drainage system. Rats can also easily enter your property through your drains. You may be asking, “Why are there rats in my drains?” and, “How can I sort the problem”. Here we are going to discuss how to spot you have a rat problem, where the rats are coming from, and the solutions we can offer.

How To Spot Rats in Your Home & Where They Are Coming From

Sewers and drains are the perfect habitat for rodents. Food can also be a trigger for a rat infestation in your drains. If a restaurant is throwing food down the drain, this will cause an increase in rats in their drainage system.

An easy way of identifying rats in the home is any chewed materials such as chewed paper, food packets and plastic. Another tell-tale sign of rats are their droppings. These droppings are larger than mouse droppings and are easy to spot. Keep an ear out for rats, too. You’ll hear them at night scratching at under the floor boards or even in walls. You should also check the loft space. It is possible that rats can enter through holes in your loft.

Aside from checking the inside of your property, it is also advised that you check the outside of your property. Whilst checking the outside of your home, you should be looking for holes in the brickwork.

Having addressed these issues, you should no longer have a rat problem. However, if the problem continues, it is likely they are coming from your drains.

Rats in Drains

Rats in drains is a common issue that we come across at Maintain Drains. A rat infestation from your drains can be very hard to spot. As discussed earlier, drains and sewers are an easy place for rats to live, thrive and populate. If the public drainage system is damaged in any way, rats will find an easy way into you drains. After entering your drains, rats will find it easy to enter your home.

How Can I Get Rats out of My Drains

Here at Maintain Drains, we possess years of experience dealing with drainage issues, including rat infestations. We recommend a CCTV drainage survey to check for rats. This will give our professional team a great survey of your drains and identify any rats or drainage problems. With a CCTV survey, we can see parts of your drains which are hard to reach. Call us now to discuss any drainage problem or contact us through our website. Call: 01202 300040.


How can I get rid of rats in my drains?

To get rid of rats in your drains, start by sealing any entry points around your property to prevent them from accessing the drainage system. Use rodent-proof materials to cover vent pipes and drains. Installing one-way valves in your drainage system can prevent rats from entering.

What should I do if I have rats in my drainage system?

If you have rats in your drainage system, it’s important to act quickly to prevent damage and potential health risks. Start by inspecting your property for any signs of entry points and seal them. Use rodent traps or call a professional pest control service for effective removal.

How common are rats in drains in the UK?

Rats in drains are a common issue in the UK, particularly in urban areas. They can enter through broken pipes or open vents and cause significant problems. Need help with rats in drains? Visit our website.

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