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Blocked Drains Bournemouth

Fully equipped to deal with all emergency drain repairs, 24/7.

Maintain Drains are proud to offer quality drainage solutions such as drain unblocking Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas. We are specialists in blocked drains, and we are able to unblock drains quickly, professionally and with guaranteed results.

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Blocked drain in Bournemouth…
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If you notice signs of your drain being blocked, it is important to act fast and seek professional help from a local Bournemouth drainage expert. You may spot overflowing of your drains which directly indicates they are blocked or there is serious damage. More subtle signs of a blocked drain include a foul smell or gurgling sounds coming from the drain, or your sinks, toilets, showers or baths may be draining slower than normal. It is difficult to judge a blockage from just these signs alone, so it is essential to contact a drainage expert to solve the problem before it can get worse.

Maintain Drains are available 24/7 and all our vans are equipped to deal with all drainage emergencies from a simple blocked drain to pipe replacement or removal. We are a friendly team based in Poole, Dorset, and we are proud to service Bournemouth and its surrounding areas. We are able to travel to Bournemouth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get your drains flowing again. Call us on 01202 300040 for a quote and advice on how to prevent and resolve a blocked drain.

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Drain unblocking

Maintain Drains offer a range of fast and efficient drain unblocking services.

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Rats in drains

Our team of experts can safely get rid of rats in your drains.

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CCTV drain surveys

A cost-effective method of identifying issues with your drainage system.

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Drain Relining

Relining allows us to repair damaged drains and pipes without having to dig.

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Root Removal

We have a variety of techniques to sort out root ingress.

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Drain Rodding

Our heavy duty rods can clear a blocked drain in your home effectively.

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Drain Unblocking Bournemouth and Other Services

One of our most popular services is CCTV Drain Surveys, using high tech cameras to give a clear picture of what could be blocking the drain. We can identify almost all drainage issues using these cameras, such as rats in drains, tree root ingress, pitch fibre pipes or a simple blockage due to a buildup of grease and dirt.

We also offer tree root ingress removal, pitch fibre pipes repair and replacement, and drain re-lining. To unblock drains, we offer many solutions depending on the cause of the blockage. Two of our most popular solutions are drain rodding and jetting. Drain jetting involves pumping high pressure water through the drains to clear any blockages deep within the system. Drain rodding uses long specialist rods we insert into the drain to clear blockages near openings. Our drainage experts will advise you on the best solution to your blocked drain. To find out more about how we are dealing with blocked drains Bournemouth, get in touch with the team.

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Blocked Drains Bournemouth

We offer all our drainage services in Bournemouth, including areas Boscombe, Kinson, Southbourne, Westbourne, Kinson and Winton. We are based locally in Poole and we are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to deal with blocked drains Bournemouth. We are able to get to Bournemouth quickly to fix drainage emergencies, and we are able to work with you depending on your time frame and requirements to ensure your drains work when you need them.

As well as offering drain unblocking Bournemouth to domestic drains, we are proud to also service commercial drains, and we are able to solve all drainage issues to keep your business running. We understand businesses in Bournemouth town centre and surrounding areas are keen to continue serving their customers and therefore we pride ourselves on our efficiency and 24 hour 7 day a week services.

Signs of a
blocked drain?

Are your drains starting to smell? Does your shower or kitchen sink take longer to drain than usual? Are your outside drains overflowing? All of these are signs of a blocked drain…

Signs of a Blocked Drain

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We are based in Poole but are able to help anyone with drainage problems in the whole of South West, including any emergency drain repairs.We are always on hand to meet your needs.

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