You’ll probably find it useful to keep your local drain unblockers number in your contact list as at some point you may need it. You never know when you’ll have to deal with overflowing outside drains, blocked toilets, rat infestations or slow draining kitchen sinks!

Finding out who the best drain unblockers near you are couldn’t be easier! We recommend taking a look at review sites such as Checkatrade, Trustpilot or Google My Business. The best way to find out more about a drainage company is by reading reviews left by other local people that required drain unblocking services.

Drainage experts offer several services to help deal with blocked drains or get to the bottom of issues that may be affecting your home or business. At Maintain Drains we provide drain services such as:

And More!

If you require any of the above drain unblocking services or need someone to find out why your drains are blocked, your local drain unblockers should be able to assist. If you’re based in Poole or the surrounding Dorset and Hampshire area, Maintain Drains will get your problem solved quickly and efficiently.

Why Maintain Drains?

Maintain Drains have been offering our drain unblocking services locally to our HQ in Poole as well as further afield in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Ringwood and throughout Dorset and Hampshire. We often work in the Canford Cliffs, Branksome Park and Sandbanks areas and can be available for 24/7 low cost emergency call-outs.

We’re proud to have been servicing drains for over 15 years. Jon Taylor, the founder of Maintain Drains, has worked hard to build a company that offers persistently high levels of customer service to our new and existing customers. 

Our team takes on commercial drainage projects such as grease trap installations in pubs, restaurants and hotels in Dorset and Hampshire. We also offer emergency drain unblocking services for residential properties in Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch and would be happy to assist with any drain troubles you’re having in Dorset or Hampshire.

Our customers praise our fast call-out times, professional and courteous service and our ability to solve the problem. We offer no call out charges and provide fast, no obligation quotes. Whether you’re dealing with a blocked toilet on Christmas Day or it’s a busy Monday morning and you need a drainage expert asap, Maintain Drains offer 24/7 call-outs.

Local Drain Unblocking Services

Whether you’re in Poole or not, you should always contact your local drain unblockers if you notice early signs of severe drainage problems. Early signs of a blocked drain include:

  • – Slow draining sink, bath or shower
  • – Bad smell coming from drains
  • – High water level in the toilet

You may be able to unblock drains at home yourself using natural, safe remedies such as caustic soda but avoid chemical drain unblockers at all costs. 

Chemical drain unblockers may live up to their claims of dissolving hair and grease, but they can also damage your pipework This leads to a much bigger (and more expensive) problem later down the road.

If natural drain remedies aren’t working, a local drain cleaner will come to your rescue. As the company you use should already have all of the necessary equipment, often it works out being far more cost effective than trying to deal with the drain blockage on your own.

Your local drain unblocking company will provide services such as jetting and rodding to deal with everyday blockages. If your issue is more severe, a CCTV drain survey will allow the expert to identify and locate the problem. Following the inspection, your local drain company will recommend the best solution.

In most cases, excavation won’t be required. Pitch fibre pipe repairs can be done from above ground, without having to dig up your garden or car park to reach your pipes. This kind of service is usually offered to repair cracked pipes which could be causing your blocked drain.

How Much Does it Cost to Unlock a Drain?

Depending on who your local drain unblockers are, the problem causing the issue and the service required the cost will inevitably vary. If you’re working with a small budget and need an emergency repair, Maintain Drains will recommend a drain unblocking service and provide a quote with no initial upfront costs.

Shall I Call my Local Drain Unblockers for Outside Drains?

If your outside drain is overflowing, you should get in touch with your local drainage expert immediately. There are two reasons we wouldn’t recommend trying to fix the issue yourself.

Firstly, your drainage system connects to the public sewers which are your local council’s responsibility. If the cause of the blockage is outside of your line of responsibility, then you won’t have to pay the bill. Therefore, getting your local drain unblockers out to fix the problem could end up saving you money.

Secondly, your drainage system was installed when your house was built. While the interior pipework is easy to access, the outside systems will be deep underground. Your local drain unblockers will have access to equipment designed to deal with deep, underground systems and get the issue solved quickly.

When to Call a Drain Company

Finally, when should you pick up the phone and call your local drain unblockers? If you have already noticed some of the early signs of a blocked drain, such as slow draining or bad smells, then now would be a good time to call.

Remember, your local drainage company could save you time and money. They’ll also prevent the problem from happening again and again.

If your drains are blocked and you’re in Poole or the surrounding Dorset area, Maintain Drains will come to you to investigate the issue and recommend the best solution. Don’t let the problem persist. Get your local drainage company on the job today!

One of the services we provide at Maintain Drains is surveying and identifying signs of rats in your drain pipes. Unfortunately, it is not only possible but often incredibly likely that rats are entering your property via the drainage system. So what can you do if you suspect that there are rats in your drains or plumbing?

People are often surprised to learn that rats can live in drain pipes. In fact, they’re quite comfortable there. This is not ideal if you’re a home or business owner. The last thing you want is rats to start entering your house or restaurant via the drain pipes. But how can you tell if there are rats living in your drains?

Are There Rats in my Drains?

Rats can enter a home via the underground network of connected pipes and tunnels that make up your drainage system. While they may be nesting away from your property, only using your pipes as a means of transport, they might be using your drains to enter your home.

As rats are extremely flexible, they have no problem squeezing through tight gaps. They’re also confident swimmers, which means in some cases you might find rats entering your house through your toilet’s U-bend.

While it’s not the most common way for rats to enter your home, it is possible that they make their way in through the toilet. A much more likely scenario is that the vermin enter through a hole in the wall or a ground-level drain.
Often living unnoticed, you may start to notice signs that the pests are entering your home or using your drainage system to travel from one nest to another. The question is, are rats living in your drains?

Signs of Rats in Drains

If you think there might be rats in your drainage system, there are some signs to start looking out for:

  • Rat droppings
  • Holes or chew marks in walls, bins, rubbish or doors
  • Scratches on floor boards
  • Rat nests

If you notice any of these signs in your property, you probably have rats. The next thing you need to do is identify how the rats are entering your house and whether or not they are coming through your drains.

Because of their size, rats can easily squeeze through tight pipes and small holes. This makes drains the perfect hiding place for them to make a nest. The obvious complication is that you can’t see beneath the surface. You have no idea what’s happening beneath your home, and whether or not you’ve got rats living deep in the sewer pipes.

Removing Rats from Drains

If you do notice the signs of rats in your drains, we’d recommend calling a local plumber or drainage specialist to get rid of the rats safely. And don’t panic, no one should have to dig up your garden! Drain excavation should not be required when dealing with rats in sewer pipes. 

If you’re based in Dorset or Hampshire, the experienced team at Maintain Drains can assist with any drainage problems – especially rats in drains and sewer pipes! We offer 24/7 call out to most homes and commercial properties in Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch and can ensure we get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently.

We know the type of disruption that drain excavation has on your day-to-day life and how damaging it can be for businesses in the area. Our aim is to be in and out with our CCTV drain cameras, finding any evidence of rats living in your sewer pipes.

CCTV Drain Surveys to Find Rats in Underground Pipes

A CCTV drain survey is how we identify drainage problems without digging up your garden. Our experienced plumbing professionals feed a small, high-tec camera down into your pipework. The camera displays a live feed on the screen above ground, giving your plumber a good view of your pipes and any issues.

If we suspect rats in drains, we’ll be on the lookout for some of the signs listed above. Often, the first thing we’ll notice in your sewers will be rat droppings, usually the easiest sign to spot.

Smoke Pellets to Find Rat Entry and Exit Points

Once we’re sure that rats have infested your drainage system, we’ll look for access points that could be allowing them to gain entry to your property. To do this, we use smoke pellets.

The smoke pellets release a cloudy smoke that travels through your pipework, looking for any narrow hole that it can escape from – just like rats! Maintain Drains use the smoke to find holes, cracks or collapsed pipes that pests could be using as a private entrance.

Pitch Fibre Pipe Repair and Installing Rat Blockers

Following the survey, we’d repair any damaged pipework without excavation using pitch fibre pipe repair. There are drainage rat traps or rat blockers that our team often use to prevent rats getting back into your drains. Our intercepting traps or rat gates for drains are completely ethical and won’t harm the animal. Our only intention is to keep them out of your house!  

Using a CCTV drain survey and smoke pellets, Maintain Drains will get to the root of the issue and identify whether or not you’ve got a rat infestation in your drains. Following the CCTV drain inspection, our team can recommend the best service to solve your problem and stop the pests coming back. We’ll repair any cracked or damaged pipes and install a rat gate or an ethical trap.

We know rats in your home or business could cause a huge problem and we’ll work as quickly as we can to get things back to normal as soon as possible. We aim to cause as minimal disruption to your life, business or home as possible and will always recommend a quick, efficient solution that suits your budget. 

If you have noticed any of the signs of rats in your drains and you live in the Poole or Dorset area, Maintain Drains offer 24/7 call-outs to help you get to the bottom of it. Don’t procrastinate. We’ll get your home back and the rats gone in no time.

01202 300 040

For 15 years, we’ve been servicing the drains of Dorset’s residential and commercial properties. It’s safe to say, from rats to fatbergs, we’ve seen a lot! But there’s one thing many of our customers have in common…

They’re never quite sure when to give us a call. A blocked drain could be anything from food build-up in the sink to a collapsed pipe further down the system. You don’t want to call out the professionals to deal with a minor problem, understandably.

In this article, you’ll find out exactly when you should call a drainage expert. We’d love to help you manage minor issues yourself using natural solutions like caustic soda, however, sometimes it’s better to get in touch with your local drainage expert.

Without further ado, here are seven signs that it’s time to call a drain professional.

1. Your Drains Smell like Rotten Eggs

One of the first signs of a badly blocked drainage system is a foul odour. If your kitchen or bathroom sink, shower or bathtub drains are starting to smell, it’s a sign that the blockage runs deep. Caustic soda, or at home remedies are unlikely to solve the problem.

Remember, your drainage system connects your home or company to the public sewer network. If any unpleasant smells are making their way into your property you’re probably going to want to get a plumber or drainage expert to come out sooner rather than later. Maintain Drains offer 24/7 call-out to residential and commercial properties in Poole and surrounding areas.

2. Your Shower is Taking Longer to Drain

Showers have shallow trays designed to protect your bathroom floor from the water and suds while you are showering. This is ideal in a space saving environment, such as an en suite, but it does mean that it’s vital you keep those drains running smoothly.

If you notice your shower has started taking longer to drain, there may be a simple solution. A drainage expert will start with a drain rod, making sure there isn’t a blockage caused by hair or excess products that have been rinsed down.

If the drainage issues continue, it’s likely that there is a deeper cause in the pipes below your house. A drainage expert will feed a CCTV camera down into your pipes and use the live feed to find cracked, damaged or collapsed pipes. In some cases, you may find rats living in your drains or overgrown tree roots blocking all or part of the pipe.

3. There’s a Sink Hole in Your Garden

If a patch of grass in your garden suddenly feels wetter than usual or you notice a patch of the ground is starting to dip, you need to call a drainage company immediately. Garden sink holes, dips or wet patches are commonly caused by collapsed drain pipes.

There are many reasons your pipe might collapse. Sometimes it is just due to the age of the structure, but it may have been caused by rogue building work or a poor quality repair. Finding the problem quickly gives us the best chance to fix the damage with having to excavate.

4. Your Outside Drains are Overflowing

One of the most common reasons people call out a drainage expert is because they need someone to take a look at their outside drains. Your outside drainage system connects your property to the public sewer. If you notice the drains in your garden are overflowing, there could be a problem with your external pipework.

Most of the time, this will be caused by a simple blockage. Maintain Drains will get the drain rod out to investigate further, if that doesn’t work we’ll use our high-pressure jetter to burst through whatever is blocking your drains.

One of the main reasons to call out a drainage expert, especially when it’s an external problem, is because we’ll tell you whether or not the cost of that repair is your responsibility. As your drains connect to the public sewer, there’s a chance that the blockage will occur outside of line of responsibility. This means that you won’t have to pay!

5. Your Natural Caustic Soda Drain Unblocker Didn’t Work

If your bath is taking longer to drain or you’re noticing a bad smell coming from your kitchen sink you’ve probably considered tackling the problem yourself. That’s absolutely fine. We encourage people to use safe, natural methods to attempt to dislodge the blockage. It can be far more cost-effective than calling out a drainage expert.

However, if you’re using off-the-shelf chemical drain unblockers then you are probably doing more harm than good. Lots of these products claim to work miracles, dissolving hair and melting away fat. While these claims may be true, what do you think a chemical that powerful does to your pipes?

Using a natural drain unblocker such as caustic soda is a perfectly safe and effective way to unclog your drains. It’s so powerful against big blockages that if it doesn’t work, you know you need to call a drainage specialist.

6. You’ve Found Holes, Droppings or Chew Marks

Small holes in your walls of flooring, chew marks or dropping are all signs of rats. Rats find it extremely easy to navigate complex drainage systems to get to their next destination. They love the privacy of the space, feeling safe and secure underground. However, they need to gain access to your home or business to find food or a warm space to nest.

Believe it or not, due to their flexible vertebrae, rats can squeeze through a toilet U-bend to gain access to your property. They’ll probably chew small holes that they’ll squeeze themselves through though, so no need to check your toilets!

A drainage expert will conduct a CCTV drain survey to find evidence of vermin, as well as find their entry and exit points. They can then use smoke, rat gates and blockers to stop them coming back.

7. You’re Buying a New House

A house is a huge investment, you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong after completion. That’s why it is a legal requirement to pay for a home buyers survey. This survey will tell you a lot about the property you are about to buy. The surveyor looks at things like the roof, the structure of the building and the electrics. However, they don’t look at your drains.

A drainage expert can conduct a CCTV inspection of your drains quickly and efficiently without digging up your garden. This is a brilliant idea for people buying a house as it can be a really useful bargaining tool. If your drain survey identifies any issues, the expert will recommend solutions and give cost estimates so you can explain the situation to the people you are buying from.

Failing to identify these issues early, or before you move in, could put you very out of pocket in years to come. Collapsed pipes, tree root ingress, major blockages and more can be very expensive if a last minute call-out service is required. Get Maintain Drains on the case and we’ll find any cracks in your system before they become a problem!

Call the Experts

For over 15 years, Maintain Drains have been offering fast, efficient service to residential and commercial properties across Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset. If you’re unsure about a situation with your drains, or you just want to get an expert’s opinion on something, our friendly team are always available to chat.

If you have any of the issues listed above, such as a slow draining shower or a sink hole in your garden, we’d always tell you to call your local drainage expert. If you live locally to us, we’d be more than happy to help. If not, take a look at the TrustPilot reviews for the drain companies in your area. You’ll always find honest reviews from real people.

A CCTV drain survey should be on your radar if you’re looking to buy a new house. Given the recent government 95% mortgage announcement, a lot more of us are considering getting on the property ladder. The in-depth inspection can identify a problem before it causes damage to your new property, preventing the cost of calling out emergency repair engineers.

This drain service is particularly useful for those of you who are about to buy a house. While some issues are quick and easy to repair, others may require several days worth of work. With your drainage report, you can consult with an engineer before you move in. You can arrange any work that needs to be completed before you move in and will have a clear idea of the conditions of your drains.  

Maintain Drains offer CCTV drain surveys across Poole, Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. We have over 15 years experience servicing Dorset’s drains and we understand the importance of drain inspections when it comes to buying a house. Having worked in residential and commercial properties, we know that preventing the issue is the best way to protect yourself from expensive repair work, business closure and drain system shut-downs.

To help you understand more about this service, we’ve written an article giving you the benefits of conducting a CCTV drain survey before you buy a house. If you have any questions or you’d like to speak to a drainage engineer, get in touch with our team today

What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

Camera Drain Inspection home buyer

CCTV drain survey is a thorough inspection of your full drainage system. An in-depth drainage inspection like this will allow your engineer to quickly identify any problems in your system and find the best solution.

This can save you time and money as your drainage engineer will use the CCTV drain survey to identify problems before they cause serious damage to your drains or property. If you’re buying a new home, a drain inspection can be particularly beneficial. You can move in reassured that nothing will go wrong with your pipework and you won’t find yourself dealing with blocked drains, pipe repairs or excavation.

How Does a CCTV Drain Survey Work?

A CCTV drain survey is the fastest and most cost-effective way to get to the root of your problems. Your engineer will guide high-tech drain inspection cameras through your system, monitoring a live-feed to identify any issues or damage to your pipework.

Once the problem has been located, your engineer will be able to recommend the best solution. This could be something simple such as drain rodding or jetting to remove a basic blockage. However, a CCTV drain survey will also find issues such as tree roots in drains, rat infestations or collapsed pipe work deep in your drainage system. 

Without excavation, the live-feed from a CCTV drain inspection is the best way to identify some of these major problems.

Are You Required to Have a CCTV Drain Survey When You Buy a House?

CCTV drain surveys Poole

While it isn’t a requirement to have a CCTV drain survey when you buy a house, we would always recommend it. Your house survey may identify some drainage issues, however, your surveyor won’t conduct a thorough inspection of your drains or pipework. That means you won’t know how major any issues are until after you move in.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not you need a CCTV drain survey before you buy a house, we’ve highlighted some of the key benefits below: 

Prevent Expensive Bills

When you buy a house, you take full ownership of the property and inherit any problems that may be lingering beneath the surface. If anything does go wrong, it is your responsibility to cover the costs of the repair work. 

A CCTV drain survey will identify any underlying issues before you sign off on the property. Your drainage engineer will identify anything that may become a serious problem later down the line. In doing so, they will be able to recommend an immediate solution that is far more cost-effective than emergency repair work.

Negotiation Tool

If you’re thinking about conducting a CCTV drain survey on a house you’re about to buy, you have probably already fallen in love with the property. A drain inspection can help you negotiate costs as it will outline all of the work that may need to be done on the drainage system.

If your drain survey report identifies any issues, the current owner will be faced with two options. They can either pay for the repair work before signing over the house, or they can lower the price to accommodate the cost of the work that is needed.  

Drain Ownership 

In 2011, the drain laws in the UK changed leaving many homeowners unsure about ownership. This is important because if your drainage issue is caused by a problem outside of your ownership lines, you can have it repaired free of charge.

A CCTV drain survey will tell you exactly where your responsibility ends, so you don’t end up paying for repair work that the council should take care of. 

Find Out More About CCTV Drain Surveys in Dorset

A CCTV drain survey gives new homeowners peace of mind while preventing huge repair bills, helping negotiate the costs of the house and identifying drain ownership boundaries. 

If you’re thinking about conducting a CCTV drain survey on your own property, or a property you are about to buy, our team will be more than happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote. The drain report will outline any repair work needed and our engineers can help you identify the best solution moving forward.

Get in touch with our team to find out when we can book you in for your CCTV drain inspection today.

Dorset County Council has awarded Dorset based drainage specialists Maintain Drains a contract to provide it with a comprehensive range of drainage services.

Under the 4-year term contract, Maintain Drains will be the sole provider of all specialist drainage services needed by the Council across their estate portfolio.

Services include CCTV drainage surveys, emergency drain and sewer unblocking, planned drain cleaning and maintenance, pipe descaling, manhole repairs, grease trap cleaning, pumping station and sewage treatment plant maintenance.

Jonathan Taylor, Maintain’s Managing Director, commented:

“We are delighted to have been chosen as a sole supplier on this framework. Our success is built on partnerships, and we are pleased that the expertise of our teams and their commitment to outstanding customer service have been recognised in this competitive tender process.”

“Maintain Drains previously held the contract and we have worked to save the council time and money with our innovations and best practices, as well as sustainable solutions that protect the environment for future generations.”

“We are looking forward to working with Dorset County Council and further serving the authority.”

Maintain Drains are pleased to announce that the company has successfully completed the transition of their Quality Management system from ISO9001:2008 to the ISO9001:2015 standard. This latest version of the much regarded standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. The company has worked very closely throughout the transition with NQA who are our Certification body, to meet the stringent requirements, and achieve this significant milestone.

10Today is Maintain Drains 10th anniversary.

Over the past 10 years both our family and company has grown. Like every company, we faced our hard times, but we have also been very blessed. We have had many fair and honorable clients that have entrusted us to work with them and we continue to do so today.

I am very proud of what we’ve achieved and we continue to grow our business on the same morals laid down in 2006 to provide a dedicated, honest and reliable service to our clients.

The team has accomplished a lot in 10 years but we’re not nearly done – we cannot wait for what the next 10 years will bring.

Thank you.

Benefit from 10% off both our ‘Looksee’ and full drainage CCTV drainage inspections. (Offer applies to domestic properties only).

You can redeem you voucher by visiting our Yell page here.

To find out how much a CCTV drainage survey costs or for more information please check out our page.

Maintain Drains has been awarded accreditation from safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety. safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.

Jonathan Taylor, director at Maintain Drains said, “More companies need to understand the importance of adopting good risk management in the way that Maintain has done. The firm’s high standard has set an example which hopefully will be followed by other companies within the sector. The safecontractor accreditation will enhance the company’s ability to attract new contracts and its commitment to safety will be viewed positively by our insurers when the company liability policy is up for renewal.”