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Expert Tips for Dealing with Rats in Your Drains

If you have rats in your drains, it can be a major problem. Not only [...]

Who is responsible for rats in drains?

One of the services we provide at Maintain Drains is surveying and identifying signs of [...]

How do I stop rats climbing up drains pipes?

Stop rats climbing up drain pipes because it is essential for the health and hygiene [...]

It’s been a bit of a #rathunting weekend again…

It’s been another rat finding weekend for the Maintain Drains team this weekend.  The team [...]

Rats in your drain pipes? Here’s what to do

Finding signs to having rats in your drain pipes can be your worst nightmare. Maintain [...]

Why Are There Rats in my Drains?

Are You Asking, “Why Are There Rats in My Drains?” There are an estimated 12 [...]

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