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The Importance of Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Tanks are used when a property is not connected to the public drainage system. It collects and treats wastewater that is not connected to the public sewer system. They are installed underground and use a natural process to treat sewage. The wastewater is separated in the septic tank over time, leaving solids at the bottom, oils and greases at the top, and clear water in the middle. This water exits the tank to a septic drain field, leaving the solids and oils in the tank to be removed. This is where the importance of septic tank cleaning needs to be discussed.

The Importance of Septic Tank Cleaning by Professionals

Cleaning a septic tank is a task which should be completed by a expert professional. At Maintain Drains, we take responsibility for ensuring that your septic tank is cleaned properly and emptied properly, whilst ensuring there are no problems occurring with it. The frequency of your septic tank needing to be emptied can vary depending on the size of the tank, the amount of people who use it and other variables. For a family of four, it is recommend to have your tank emptied at least every 12 months.

Problems if You Don’t Maintain Your Septic Tank

There are a lot of problems that happen if a septic tank is not properly maintained and cleaned. A septic tank can overfill and lead to blockages and leaks, which can be extremely damaging to health. A lack of maintenance can also lead to expensive repairs needing to be carried out. Our drainage experts can assess your tank during the emptying process and make sure there is no current damage, such as cracks and leaks.

What you can do to Maintain your Septic Tank

There are a number of things you can do help maintain your septic tanks, and avoid damage. Here are just a few suggestions from us:

  • Make sure your pipes are not leaking
  • Fill up your dishwasher before using it
  • Avoid disposing of products such as wet wipes, sanitary towels and varnish in your tank

Time to Call the Experts

We have years of experience in maintaining, cleaning and repairing septic tanks. It’s a job that a professional drainage expert needs to carry out with the latest technology. You can read all about our quality septic tank maintenance service. Call us now to discuss your vital septic tank maintenance with one of our friendly engineers.

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Maintain Drains

Maintain Drains

Following Water Quality month, we thought it would be helpful to share some ideas of how you can save water around the home.

Not only will this save you money off your water bill, you’ll also be helping the environment 🌍

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