How trees in Poole could be damaging your drains – A Guide to Drain Root Removal.

Trees in Poole

If you’re local to Poole or Bournemouth, we’re sure you’re aware of the beautiful woodland areas. In Poole alone, there are more than 500 hectares of heathland – that’s equivalent to over 700 Wembley-sized football pitches. Canford Heath is one of Poole’s most densely populated areas and is one of the largest heaths in Dorset. It covers over 850 acres of land. Huge! Many of us are lucky enough to have a bit of nature right by our doorstep – with trees common in both front and back gardens and driveways. It’s lovely, but it could be a silent killer of your drainage system. This is where Drain Root Removal can help you. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, tree roots can spread up to three times the tree’s height. As an example, if you’ve got a tree that’s 5 metres tall, the roots could be up to 15m away from the tree itself. That means they could be growing very close to your drainage system and causing damage.

Poole drain tree root damage

Poole is a stunning part of Dorset, full of nature and stunning beaches. We’re lucky to be surrounded by some beautiful woodland areas in both Poole and Bournemouth – from the heights of Canford Heath and Upton Heath, over to Meyrick Park and Branksome Park. It’s a beautiful place to live. We know. Maintain Drains are based near Poole ourselves and our team enjoy living and working in Dorset and the local area. There can be a downside to living in such a green area. If you have trees close to your home, they can cause significant damage to your drains. The damage can be deep within the underground drainage system, but you may spot signs closer to the surface. It’s hard to identify. Keep a lookout for signs such as blockages, broken pipes or leaks. Tree root damage can be the cause of significant problems so make sure you spot the signs early. The good news is, the damage from trees is both preventable and repairable… if caught in time. As a home or business owner in Poole, it’s highly recommended that you assess the potential damage tree roots could be causing your drainage system. Look no further than Drain Root Removal!

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What tree roots could be doing inside your drains

Living near trees and nature is beautiful. If you are near a local woodland area like Bourne Valley or Broadstone Heath, it’s great to have somewhere to enjoy a local walk in nature. However, the trees near your property could be causing havoc in your drains without you even knowing.  If you have trees near your driveway, in the back garden or close enough to your property, you may be aware that their roots are huge. Trees don’t check where they’re growing and the strength of their roots are very impressive (if you’ve ever cut a tree down and removed the root, we’re sure you’re aware of this!). But what damage can they actually cause? Tree roots can grow into drains, creating cracks and crevices where the fluids can escape. This can:

  • Create further, larger cracks in your pipes and drains as the trees grow
  • Reduce the efficiency of your drainage system
  • Block the drains completely, stopping the flow
  • Cause drains to flow much slower

All of these impacts can go on over time to create further issues. As with any drainage problem, it’s much better to be proactive than reactive.  A CCTV Drainage Survey or Homebuyers Drain Survey can help you identify any potential or current problems with your pipes. This will save you money in the long run and prevent further, more costly damage such as pipe replacement.

Are my trees protected?

Some trees in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch come under a Tree Protection Order (TPO). This means that the trees are protected and certain activities are prohibited, such as uprooting, cutting down or willfully damaging the trees. TPOs can cover a single tree, a group of trees or a whole woodland.  There are many areas in Poole which come under TPOs, including Branksome Park, Broadstone and Wimborne. There are also some local areas you may not expect to be protected, such as Westbourne, Boscombe and Southbourne. You can use the BCP Council website to check if your trees are protected by a tree protection order here. This can make things more difficult when it comes to tree root damage. At Maintain Drains, we do our best to support the environment and the protection of these significant trees. We do not want to encourage or cause any further damage to nature than needed. However, if tree roots are damaging drains and pipes, whether or not they are protected, it needs to be addressed. If you suspect your pipes are impacted by roots, give our team a call for the best advice on Drain Root Removal.


Why you should care about Drain Root Removal

Tree root damage can be a very expensive problem. Maintain Drains have seen some cases in the local area where roots have managed to get in the drainage system via a small crack, and have grown significantly over time to fully block the drains.  Whether you’re a homeowner, have business premises or live in rented accommodation in the Poole area, you should be aware of the damage tree roots could cause. It’s an expensive problem to have.  Tree root damage is preventable and can save hundreds in the long term. If you’re concerned about tree roots causing immediate damage to your drains, we recommend you call an expert immediately. They’ll offer professional advice and help you manage the problem without causing further damage. Our team is well educated in this area and will work on your side to get your drains flowing back to normal in the most cost effective way possible.

How to check for tree root damage in drains

Concerned about tree root damage? We can understand why. Here’s some ways you can check for and identify root ingress:

  • Raised pavements

If your driveway, patio or adjacent pavement has raised cracks due to tree roots, it’s a sign they are nearby the property. If tree roots can damage concrete, just imagine what they can do to your pipes!

  • Slow drains

Water draining slower? Or do you feel your water pressure has changed? This could be due to tree roots blocking part of the pipe.

  • More green patches in certain areas of your garden

While this may be more difficult to spot, it can be a giveaway sign something isn’t right. This is caused by tree roots depositing nutrients in specific areas and other areas having a different soil quality.

  • Sinkholes

Over time, as an ingress gets worse, the surrounding soil can become more and more saturated. This inevitably leads to noticeable sinkholes and if close enough to your property, can cause significant structural damage. Sinkholes may also be a sign of a collapsed drain.

  • Bad odours and smells coming from the drains

The smell of rotting tree roots and plant matter is not pleasant and not something you want coming into your property. If they’ve been growing in the pipes for a while, with water flowing through the drains too, they can rot and create foul odours.


When to involve a professional

If you think trees in Poole are damaging your drains, it’s advised you get in touch with a professional. Maintain Drains do not recommend attempting Drain Root Removal to fix this issue yourself as it can cause you more costly issues.  For example, an effort to pull tree roots out of the drain or cut them out the pipe will almost certainly create further cracks and damage. Tree root ingress requires specialist knowledge, such as an awareness of TPOs, the potential structural damage you could be at risk of, and the most efficient way to repair the drains. One of the first steps a drainage professional will take is to conduct a CCTV drain survey. This involves using high tech cameras deep within the drainage system to clearly identify any issues, such as tree root ingress, cracked pipes or even animals in drains.  From the CCTV report, it’s important to then assess the findings and make a decision about how to best treat any issue. Pre-purchase CCTV surveys are a popular service for those buying a property near a woodland area in Poole. In the case of root damage, often the best solution is to remove the matter and then re-line the drains. This is a cost-effective solution to repairing any cracks and preventing future ingress. If the damage is significant, our team may recommend excavating and replacing the pipe altogether. If you live in Poole surrounded by lots of trees, hedges, shrubs or bushes, a professional may recommend regular drain maintenance. This saves you worrying and is a cost-effective way to ensure that your drains are not only healthy, but safe from tree root ingress. Explore our planned maintenance solutions today.

Maintain Drains: Drain Root Removal Experts

Our team are experts in tree root damage and have been repairing drains in Poole, Bournemouth and the surrounding Dorset areas for over 15 years.  We’ve seen first hand what the trees in areas like Canford Heath and Meyrick Park can do. Our team is based near Poole at Holton Heath, and we respond to calls of tree root damage across the BCP conurbation regularly. Our team have the right eye, skills and experience to repair root ingress and carry out Drain Root Removal. If you need your drains assessed, contact us today on 01202 300040 and see how our team can help.


Q: How can trees near homes in Poole cause drainage problems?

A: Trees near properties can cause damage to drains through root growth, leading to cracks, blockages, and other issues.

Q: What are some signs of tree root damage to drains?

A: Signs include blockages, broken pipes, leaks, raised pavements, slow drainage, green patches in the garden, sinkholes, and foul odours.

Q: How can tree roots impact drains over time?

A: Tree roots can create cracks in pipes, reduce drainage system efficiency, block drains, and cause slower drainage.

Q: Can tree roots damage concrete and pipes similarly?

A: Yes, if tree roots can crack concrete, they can cause significant damage to drainage pipes.

Q: Are some trees protected by Tree Protection Orders (TPOs) in Poole?

A: Yes, certain trees in areas like Poole, Bournemouth, and Christchurch can be protected by TPOs, prohibiting activities like cutting down or damaging the trees.

Q: Why is Drain Root Removal important?

A: Tree root damage can become expensive and disruptive if left untreated, making Drain Root Removal essential to prevent further issues.

Q: When should you involve a professional for tree root damage to drains?

A: It’s advisable to contact a professional if you suspect tree root damage, as attempting removal yourself can lead to further damage.

Q: What does a drainage professional typically do to address tree root damage?

A: A professional might conduct a CCTV drain survey to identify issues, then recommend solutions such as removing the roots and re-lining the drains, or even pipe replacement if damage is severe.

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