Flooding in Dorset flooding onto grass field

Flooding in Dorset continues

Parts of Dorset are at risk of more flooding, as the Met Office forecasts more heavy rain.

Although the recent weather has overwhelmed drainage systems we have found that the lack of maintenance to essential items such as drainage gullies, culverts and water courses has resulted in significant damage to property.

On a recent visit to assist with a blocked drain causing some ‘flooding’, see above image, we found a substantial area of a commercial property to be heavily flooded simply down to an un-maintained drainage ditch. This particular incident cost thousands of pounds worth of damage, lost revenue and stress for our client.

Maintaining the drainage system around your house or commercial property needn’t be a chore and here at Maintain we are always on hand to offer advice and guidance and provide a solution.

Call us now to discuss any planned maintenance requirements you may have. 01202 300040.

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Maintain Drains

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