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Roots In Drains Removal

Drainage problems are often difficult to spot and can easily grow into a larger issue. Tree roots in drains is a common drainage issue that people are usually unaware of. Root ingress in drains can become a serious matter if it goes untreated. The roots put pressure on the pipes which can crack the pipes and cause severe blockages. Usually you’ll need a professional opinion to diagnose root ingress, which is where we can help! Here’s our process of removing roots from drain pipes.

Why Are Roots Attracted to Drains?

It is common knowledge that tree roots spread out in search of water. Drainage pipes have condensation of the outer wall which attracts tree roots. The pressure that the roots put on the drains can cause cracks and fractures. Existing damage to your drains allows the roots even easier access into your drains. Most drain pipes hold little resistance against root ingress, which is why sorting the issue sooner than later is best practice.

Our Process of Removing Roots From Drain Pipes

The first step we take is to diagnose your drains with a root ingress. There’s a few techniques we can use for this, but we usually choose a CCTV survey of your drains. A CCTV Survey gives us a complete picture of your drains and will show us any problems. We provide you will a full report of our findings and list all the problems and their locations, with photos of the damage, video footage and a plan of the drains. You might be lucky and have no drainage problems at all! If you are buying a new home, it is highly recommended to get a home buyers CCTV survey. This is to ensure you don’t buy a house with faulty drains and root ingress.

If your drains do have a root ingress issues, you will need us to start removing roots from drain pipes as soon as possible. This is because the longer you leave the root ingress, the more damage will be caused to the drains. If the issue is sorted quickly, the repair will be minor, such as a simple relining of the drains. Leave the problem for a long time and the drain will become seriously damaged. This may even lead to a costly excavation being needed.

Maintain Drains are on call 24 hours a day to sort your problems. Our years of experience mean we are highly qualified to resolve any drainage issues you have, especially root removal. Speak to one of our friendly engineers for a free quote. Call: 01202 300040

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Maintain Drains

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